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Senior Planning Resources

To All Seniors:  Check out the resources below......more to come.......check College Career Center Calendar & News

College Planning Websites                               Scholarship Bulletin 1

Senior Parent Night PPT Presentation        Scholarship Bulletin 2

Senior Year Timeline                                             Local Scholarship Application

College Options Flowchart

Share Your College Acceptance Letters and/or Financial Aid Packages With Us

Lakewood Class of 2014 Seniors,

In case you didn't know, we are really in our final semester here at Lakewood HS. That means were getting closer and closer to the June 12 graduation date, 86 school days in fact. It's the time of year that many students are starting to hear back from Colleges and Universites whether they've been accepted or not. For those who have already filed the FAFSA (March 2nd deadline), you'll start receiving a financial aid package letter as well. Then, it will be decision time!!

In order to get as accurate of data for the class of 2014 as is possible, we are asking that when you receive an acceptance letter and / or a financial aid package letter from a College, would you please send us a copy? This will assist us in analyzing and evaluating post-secondary choices and opportunities for this great group of students! We want to hear from as many of you as is possible!

You can send an electronic copy to or or you may bring in a hard copy to Room 332 (Career Center) or my office (#135). You can share with us by word of mouth, but if possible a copy of the letter/email would be nice.

We appreciate your cooperation, and we are very excited to hear about the many colleges, universities, trade schools, community colleges, or military branches that the students of 2014 are headed to.


Mr. Estes

FAFSA & DREAM ACT = Deadline = MARCH 2nd


I spoke briefly to our Seniors (class of 2014) yesterday, Wednesday 1/29 reminding all students to apply for the FAFSA (if they have a Social Security #) or for the DREAM ACT (if they do NOT have a Social Security #). Even if the student is not sure what he/she is doing next year, we strongly encourage you to fill out the FAFSA. It's better to have all your bases covered in this area.

Thank you to the many families who have already submitted and/or completed their FAFSA or Dream Act. We still have many students / families who have not submitted or who are working on it right now. Remember, the deadline to file online is March 2nd. If you should need help or assistance, please contact Ms. Gildon, Mr. Estes, or you can call  1-800-433-3243 to speak with someone from FAFSA.  = site for the application    FAFSA & Dream Act Checklist     = site for the pin # for student & parent (you need 2)        Financial Aid Powerpoint = site for the California Dream Act (students with no social security #)

- The pin number will serve as your electronic signature when the application has been completed online.

I will attach a financial aid application checklist as well as a financial aid ppt. that may help explain the financial aid process more clearly.

***I also reminded students to take the College English and / or Math Placement Tests. Check with each school as to what they require. The CSU's are all similar. I will attach a form from CSULB that may (or may not) clarify who is exempt, conditionally exempt, or not exempt. IT is rather complicated, but we can help you if you have any questions. I called CSULB and they told me that if you have any doubts, TAKE THE TEST!  CSULB EPT / ELM Test Dates

Let's have a great 2nd (& final) Semester!

Mr. Estes

Gear Up

Online Resources for EPT and ELM CSU Placement Tests


What are some online resources I can use to help me prepare for the ELM and/or EPT?

Not good with paper Study Guides? How about taking some free online quizzes?

If you have to take the ELM: If you have to take the EPT:

(Entry Level Mathematics) (English Placement Test)  

SAT & ACT Registration Info

Subject: SAT and ACT Registration



Hello Seniors!

If you haven't yet taken either the SAT or the ACT, now's your chance to register for one of the following tests:

SAT I or SAT Subject Tests - October 5, 2013 (Deadline September 6)
SAT I or SAT Subject Tests - November 2, 2013 (Deadline October 3) 

SAT 1 or SAT Subject Tests - December 7, 2013 Deadline 11/12                                                                                                                 
ACT - October 26, 2013  (Deadline September 27)
ACT - December 14, 2013  (Deadline November 8)

You can register for the tests at the links below.  Remember to send your test scores using all of the available codes at the time you register.  If you wait until later to send your scores, you will have to pay for each one you have to send individually.

There are two tricks to use when sending scores:

You can use the code 3594 to send your scores to all of the CSU and Cal Poly schools.  In addition, if you send your scores to one UC school, like UCLA or UCSD, your scores will be sent to all UC schools.  So with two codes, you have sent your scores to all the CSU, Cal Poly, and UC schools.  Make sure you use your additional codes on private or out-of-state colleges and universitites.

If you receive free or reduced lunch or are part of the Cal-SOAP, AVID, or Upward Bound program, please fill out the fee waiver application below and bring it to me in the College and Career Center BEFORE you complete either the SAT or ACT application online.

Please let me know if you have any questions about registering for the SAT or the ACT.


SEE MS. GILDON in the College and Career Center - Room 332

College Testing Websites: Check Them Out for the SAT and/or ACT

 For SAT Practice Test: Practice Test      Course information     

For SAT or PSAT:

For ACT:

Click on the link below for info about SAT / ACT FREE Online Prep from Zinch:


Reminder: Class of 2014 Pledge

In September of 2010, Mr. Estes visited every 9th grade English class of the Class of 2014 students. He delivered a pledge to the students, which was to be taken home, signed, and returned in order to receive a Class of 2014 T-Shirt. Well, hundreds of students and their parents signed the pledge and received their T-Shirt. In case you missed out on the pledge, I am attaching a copy of what was passed out at that time. There's only a few 2XL shirts left, but it's not about the T-Shirt, it's about taking care of your business! Are you still living up to the Pledge? Contact or see Mr. Estes for details.


College and Financial Aid Websites

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

Lakewood now has GEAR UP on Campus!!   GEAR UP is a 6 year Federal Grant. The grant began in 2007/08 with 6th graders in the LBUSD. The grant follows the students as they progress. We are currently in our final year of the grant, serving ALL 12th graders (seniors) here at Lakewood HS. We will continue to serve the students through their 12th grade (Senior) year and GRADUATION!!

GEAR UP is funding a Coordinator (Mr. Estes at Lakewood) at each High School, as well as two Counselors. We help with College Aides, Peer Tutors,  and a Summer Enrichment Program at Lakewood. Last year, we have added two GEAR UP Assistant Principals who will be assisting the High Schools in the area of Math Improvement. Also, we have two more Gear Up staff working in the central office to coordinate getting more help and assistance to the High School Sites. These staff members will work in close collaboration with the Site Coordinators to help bring more services for our Gear Up Cohort of students.

We will be hosting  financial aid and scholarship workshops this year (dates to come) Look for the promotions and info as the dates approach!

We will be conducting  Parent Work Shops on the College application, and financial aid process (including the FAFSA)

*****Our Mission is to significantly increase the number of students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.

Lakewood GEAR UP Coordinator- Pat Estes

Phone - 562-425-1281 ext. 3107

Email -

GEAR UP Program Administrator - Robert Tagorda

Office - 562-997-8479

Email - 
Long Beach Unified School District
Office of the Superintendent
1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810


Find Your Dream College

Start your College Search early. Go to and create your profile for colleges. Check out some of the Scholarship Opportunities available to Freshmen and Sophmores.