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Department Heads

Careers / Tech Ed Mrs Volkoff
English 9/10 Mrs Cobb
English 11/12 Mr. Vitale
Foreign Language Ms. Acuna
Library Ms Bobadilla
Math Ms. Brown and Ms. O'Halloran
P.E. Boys Mr. Miramontes
P.E. Girls Ms. Kaeka
ROTC Mr. McMackin
Science Mr. Miller
Social Science / History Mr. McWhorter
Special Education Ms. Kaspar & Ms. Arnwine
Visual & Performing Arts Mr. Summers
Staff Directory


Abbate, Shawn Principal
Acuna, Christina Foreign Language
Anderson, R ex.3110 Counselor - ATM
Angle, Morgan Teacher
Arnwine, Cheryl (562) 997-8000 ex.3175 CTE
Arroyos, Lisa Foreign Language
Bassard-Jones, Mrs. PE
Bauer, Mrs. Science
Baumler, Jamie ROTC
Bazer, Mr. ex.ext. 3111 Pathway Coordinator
Bobadilla, Susan Librarian
Bobo, Mrs. Science
Booth, Worren (562) 425-1281 ex.3382 3382 - Activities Specialist
Bradshaw, Martha Ind. Study
Brandts, Jonathan English
Brandts, Sandra English
Brown, Dana (562) 425-1281 ex.3375 Math Department Head
Brown, Lawrence English
Burcham, Stacy VPA
Burgess, Bruce CTE
Busch, Lisa Social Studies
Busch, Tom PE
Caine, Deborah Math
Caldwell, Judith (562) 425-1281 ex.3332 Math Teacher
Caldwell, Mike CTE Department Head
Calvente, Mr (562) 425-1281 ex.3299 Department Head Special Education
Campos, Elizabeth Science
Cangro, Lisa Social Studies
Cardwell, Mark Math Teacher
Causey, Mrs. (562) 997-8000 ex.3174 TCB Lead/Reading/Skills
Christine, Chesnot Teacher
Clarke, Cory ex.3235 Social Studies
Cobb, Caryn English
Cohen, Beth Assistant Principal
Cohen, Beth Sys Admin
Contreras, Jessica Math
Copeland, Mr. English
Cotton, Tonia ex.3105 School Support Clerk
Couch, Dawn ex.3104 Office Supervisor
Crawford, Toni English
Cross, James English
Curry Scott, Jennifer VPA
De La Loza, Victor Science
Deutschman, Mrs. Social Studies
Dodge, Barbara Math
Duong, Oanh Staff
Elam, Mari Special Education
Esparza, Mr. Math
Espinosa McBride, Annabellee Teacher
Eulo, Wendy (562) 425-1281 ex.3215 English
Flanagan, Mr. Teacher
Ford, Rebecca Science
Frayre, Elizabeth (562) 425-1281 ex.x3270 Teacher, AP Coordinator
Freeman, Josh CTE
Garcia-Montes, Rafael English
Gildon, Jenny Staff
Gilpin, L ex.3120 Counselor - Odyssey
Gjonovich, Mr. (562) 425-1281 ex.3331 Math
Glover, A. (562) 425-1281 ex.3260 Science
Goldfischer, Jason Social Studies
Gonzalez, Randy Special Education
Gregg, Mrs. English
Hamilton, Deona Staff
Hammerschmidt, Nicole Teacher
Hargrave, Kimberly Social Studies
Harper, Mr. Math
Heard, Ronaele English
Hickey, Corrin ex.3239 Social Studies
Humphries, Michael English
Jahn, Mary English
Jahns, Mr. (562) 425-1281 ex.3338 Math
James, G ex.3116 Counselor - The Arts Smaller Learning Community
Jimenez, Mario Principal
Jordan, Melinda Department Head English 9/10
Juarez, Ana Teacher
Kaeka, Michelle Department Head Girls P.E.
Kaspar, Margaret Special Education
King, Carolynn (562) 425-1281 ex.3240 English
King, Kathryn Special Education
Klein, David Special Education
Knox, Johanna PE
Kraft, C Math
Kumar, Mr. (562) 425-1281 ex.3315 Science
Kunkle, Damon (562) 425-1281 ex.3121 Counselor
Kunz, Jeanette Math
Le, Cynthia Staff
Lecours, Michelle Teacher
Lee, Jane ex.3113 Nurse's Clerk/Counseling
Lengor, Sylvia ex.3304 Special Education
Light, Tracy Staff
Linson, Ms. (562) 425-1281 ex.3185 Special Education
Lloyd, Jayson Math
Loera, Dolores Science
Lopez, Nicole Assistant Principal
Loveall, Myles Science
Ludwig, Randall Science
Magana, Ms. English
Malchiodi, Kathryne Special Education
Maldonado, Ms. Math
Maliwat, G Teacher
Manson, Scott Social Studies
Martinez Jr, Joseph Math
Matias, Kim Special Education
McDaniel, Nichole Foreign Language
McGinnis, Ms. CTE
McMackin, Donald Teacher
McNamee, Tom CTE
McWhorter, Sean Social Studies
Mena, Elizabeth CTE
Miller, Jill PE
Miller, Keith Department Head Science
Miramontes, Andy Department Head Boys P.E.
Monarrez, Ms. English
Morales, Mario Teacher
Morato, Maria Special Education
Moss, Lindsay Social Studies
Murphy, Christopher (562) 997-8000 ex.3230 classroom Boys Athletic Director
Naguib, Monalise Special Education
Nguon, Samantha Special Education
Noble, E Science
O'Connor, John English
O'Halloran, Mary (562) 425-1281 ex.3340 Math Department Head
Ottina, John ex.3244 Math
Pagulayan, Zondee Math
Parker, Charlotte ex.3237 Social Studies
Pettigrew, Anita Staff
Pierre, Eric (562) 425-1281 ex.3286 Foreign Language
Quintana, Alex (562) 425-1281 ex.3180 3180 - Activities Secretary
Rakonjac, Sanja Special Education
Rea, Robert Special Education
Reyes, Terrel VPA
Ricci, Deborah Foreign Language
Rivera, James (562) 425-1281 ex.3248 English
Romo, Daniel English
Ruiz, Matthew Social Studies
Rykert, Janet (562) 425-1281 ex.3350 VPA
Sanchez, Gina Special Education
Santana, Lidia Foreign Language
Saucedo, Jessica English
Schmidt, David CTE
Scott, Denise Special Education
Sebelius, Amy VPA
Serrano, Karina Foreign Language
Siemsen, Ralph VPA
Simpson, Patrick PE
Stevens, David Science
Suarez, Norma Foreign Language
Summers, David VPA
Suzuki, Nancy Staff
Tang, Thanh Phuong Math
Taylor, Kandi English
Teran, Roberta English
Thron, Rachel (562) 425-1282 ex.3343 Math
Torres, Maria (562) 425-1281 ex.3326 Science
Vitale, Michael Department Head English 11/12
Volkoff, Aaron Science
Volkoff, Cora CTE
Weber, Anna Science
Weller, Mrs. Science
West, David (562) 425-1281 ex.3325 Science
Willert, James Special Education
Williams, Allison Teacher
Williams, Donald Assistant Principal