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Link Crew

Link Crew is a student centered leadership and mentoring program. The guiding principle that sustains Link Crew is that there is an invaluable and untapped resource on your campus: students. This program engages, develops and trains older students on your campus to be leaders and mentors. Link Crew leadership is about more than events; it is about helping freshmen achieve success and it is that initial success that propels freshmen toward continued success throughout high school. 

Link Crew begins with a powerful orientation day that makes freshmen excited and proud to be attending their new high school and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their high school success.

After orientation, Link Crew continues, providing a variety of both Academic and Social Follow Up Activities throughout the year. Academic Follow Ups are lessons presented by trained Link Leaders during visits to freshman classes; Social Follow Ups are events organized by your Coordinator team in which the freshmen and Leaders attend fun school sponsored social events together.

Link Crew's goal is to provide schools with a structure in which students make real connections with each other. Through this program, students learn that people at school care about them and their success. Link Crew is the high school transition program that will increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance at your school.



Link Crew Leaders 2016-2017

Congrats to the are the  2016-2017 Link Crew Leaders!

See you at May Day on May 31st from 3pm - 5pm....listen for location in the bulletin. You must attend May Day to stay a Leader!


Abando, Abigail
Abueg, Kirsten
Aguilar, Jasmine
Alas, Katherine
Als, Shanelle
Alvarado, Aileen
Anthony, Crystal
Arvayo, McKailla
Ashpaugh, Danielle
Asis, Elika
Asuncion, Ciarra
Au, Jonathan
Barraza, Ashley
Bautista, Briana
Blackman, Shaniece
Bonilla, Kelsie
Bonilla, Yolanda
Busch, Allison
Cablay, Jeramin
Calloway, Brittany
Cason, Kailyn
Castaneda, Harli
Castro, Andres
Caver, Surah
Chan, Aleena
Chavez, Maria
Chea, John
Chhay, Ashley
Chheang, Andrew
Chhum, Katie
Clark, Kylie
Concepcion, Shaniah
Dantzler, Taelor
Dawson, Elise
De Leon, Mikhaela
Deaube, Nicole
DeLosAngeles, Gillanne
Diggs, Linda
Dimabayao, Lavinia
Do, Trish
Dok, Britmilyda
Eang, Ashleigh
Ekmalian, Sienna
Elma, Jolina
Esparza, Madyson
Fernandez, Giselle
Fields, Birgitta
Flores, Krystal
Ford, Huntyr
Franco, Alyssa
Gaines, Taylor
Garcia, Esmeralda
Gaytan, Jazmin
Gomez, Jackellin
Gonzales, Kara
Graham, Zoey
Gurrola, Samantha
Gutierrez, Yareli
Guzman, Kaelyn Marie
Hardwell, Alaysia
Henzon, Hubert
Hernadez-Soto, Lizette
Hernandez, Genesis
Hicks, Desiree
Hood, Khamari
Hufstetler, Anaiah
Israel, Elise
Jalalianford, Selene
Johnson, Jade
Johnson, Moniece
Johnson, Starr
Kemp, Kara
Kerns, Samantha
Khong, Erin
Kirkley, Camille
Knight, Asia
Lacambra, Tiffany
Lam, Amanda
Le, May
Lewis, Kiara
Loaiza-Medina, Alexsandra
Lopez, Alianna
Luna, Alexa
Ly, Kailyn
Macias, Marissa
Marquez, Kimberly
Martinez, Saren
Martinez-Torres, Alexander
McDonald, Mariah
Medina, Alexis
Mendez, Marly
Mendoza, Irene
Mercado, Jerome
Monh, Chariya
Monroy, Daphne
Munoz, Ricardo
Nauta, Jasmine
Neally, Angela
Nguyen, Thomas
Nhek, Tina
Norris, Kelli
Olivarez, Natalie
Oum, Emilypisey
Pacheco, Julissa
Peres, Isabella
Peres, Natalia
Perez, Jennifer
Phillips, Ebony
Pinlac, Julius
Quezada, Kaylee
Rafuson, Hailey
Ramos, Faith
Rendon, Erick
Rodelo, Jennifer
Rodriguez, Melanie
Rubio, Linney
Ruiz, Chloe
Ruiz, Enrique
Ruiz, Paola
Sagisi, Morgan
Sam, Moniratana
Sanchez, Jocelyn
Sanchez, Katelyn
Sanchez, Malia
Sanchez, Viridiana
Sandoval, Gabrielle
Santos, Giselle
Saucedo, Veronica
Silva, Andrea
Smith, Mara
Solano, Karime
Steele, Cassidy
Stolarz, Willow
Sumabal, Shannea
Sun, Ching
Taing, David
Thomas, Shaunice
Tiedemann, Beaukalani
Treasure, Kineard
Ung, Melanie
Venegas, Victoria
Vera, Catherine
Villavicencio, Karol
Virrueta, Janice
Vong, Jennie
Watson, Shakirah
White, Lola
Wilkersen, Emily
Williams, Kalonni
Yap, Diosani
Young, Annike
Zapanta, Jana