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Starting this week all high school students and their parents in the Long Beach Unified School District will receive customized College Readiness Guides.  The guides – based upon each student’s course history, grade point average, test scores and other factors – provide an overview of readiness for various California public colleges and universities, along with suggested next steps for students and parents. The aim of the seven-page reports is to take the mystery out of college preparation.  The guides were created with feedback from parents who wanted practical, “how-to” information on college readiness. View a sample guide. Students will be able to view their own reports online in their StudentVUE portal.  Parents can review their children’s reports in the ParentVUE portal. 


Join us on Tuesday, October 17th at 6:00 pm in the Lakewood High School Library for a Parent Workshop on How to Use Your College Readiness Guide.  Our College Counseling Team will be ready to answer your questions and to walk you through these how-to information guides.


PTSA meeting will follow at 7:00 pm.


Link Crew


Link Crew is a student centered leadership and mentoring program. The guiding principle that sustains Link Crew is that there is an invaluable and untapped resource on your campus: students. This program engages, develops and trains older students on your campus to be leaders and mentors. Link Crew leadership is about more than events; it is about helping freshmen achieve success and it is that initial success that propels freshmen toward continued success throughout high school. 

Link Crew begins with a powerful orientation day that makes freshmen excited and proud to be attending their new high school and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their high school success.

After orientation, Link Crew continues, providing a variety of both Academic and Social Follow Up Activities throughout the year. Academic Follow Ups are lessons presented by trained Link Leaders during visits to freshman classes; Social Follow Ups are events organized by your Coordinator team in which the freshmen and Leaders attend fun school sponsored social events together.

Link Crew's goal is to provide schools with a structure in which students make real connections with each other. Through this program, students learn that people at school care about them and their success. Link Crew is the high school transition program that will increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance at your school.



Link Crew Leaders 2017-2018

Congrats to the are the  2017-2018 Link Crew Leaders!

See you at May Day on May 23rd from 1pm - 3pm....listen for location in the bulletin. You must attend May Day to stay a Leader!


Acevedo, Erika

Akinola, Ibironke

Anguiano, Brisa

Arcala, Hannah Rae

Arnold, Madelina

Aroala Hannah

Avila, Isaac

Barraza, Ashley

Blackman, Shaniece

Bonifacro, Maria

Brooks, Destiny

Cao, Kristy

Capps, Julia D.

Carbajal, Kileab

Carter, Alanni

Cason, Kailyn

Castro, Andres J.

Champlin, Erin

Chavez, Maria

Chi, Ashley

Collings, Trent

Corpus, Denielle

Correa, Briza

Correll, Briza Daniela

Cortez, Breana

Crawford, Larren

Cruz, Joshua

Cuellar, Grettel

Cunningham, Kessan

Dawson, Elise

Dok Britmilyda

Douglas, Tiffany

Douver, Talaysia

Duenas, Natalie

Elma, Jolina

Esparza, Mady

Espinoza, Maria

Esquivel, Kaitlin

Estrada, Daisy C.

Faiai, Fiapito

Fitzgerald, Lauren

Flores, Krystal

Fraga, Cassandra

Garcia, Daisy

Garcia, Giselle

Garcia, Lizzeth

Gonzalez, Ciara Irene

Gonzalez, Kara

Gordon, India

Greene, Paige

Guerrero, Amenca

Guevara, Eduardo Axel

Gurrola, Samantha

Gutierrez, Yareli

Guzman, Kaelyn Marie

Henzon, Hubert Allen

Hernandez, Alyssa

Herrera, Jessica

Ho, Tiffany

Howard, Varon

Hurtado, Hana

Ibarra, Monica

James, Jessilynn

Jerue, Dulcianna

Johnson, Malia C.

Karbassi, Kaylie

Kemp, Kara

Khong, Courtney

Kim, Cindy

King, Chloe megan

Kirkley, Camille

Lam, Joe

Logan, Mya

Lopez Cruz, Karina Giselle

Lopez, Aiianna Lorraine

Lopez, Carla Y.

Lopez, Jennifer

Lopez, Karina

Lopez, Raydeen

Lopez-Vasquez, Jennifer

Loveall, Faith

Luna, Alexa

Ly, Larry

Martin, Jessica

Martinez, Celia

Martinez, Mariesther

Martinez, Saren

McDonald, Mariah

McMonegal, Kammie

Meas, Angeline

Mejia, Jose

Mendoza, Irene

Mohamed, Bilan

Mohamed, Sarah

Monh, Chariya

Moreno, Abigail

Moreno, Cynthia

Mosqueda, Alyssa

Munguia, Mikaela

Munoz, Ashley

Navarrete, Noemy E.

Neal, Shemari

Nguyen, Michelle

Nguyen, Sydney

Nunez, Carolina

Ochoa, Omar

Orozco, Jeremy

Ortega, Armando

Pallera, Celine

Palomo, Teresa

Paz, Yazendi

Perez, Diana M

Perez, Gustavo

Pierce, Jaylan

Pinlac, Julius

Piwdee, Matthew


Porter, Samantha

Pream, Mason

Quintanilla, Brianna

Ramirez, Karla

Ramos, Brianna

Randell, Bryshona

Rangel, Leslie

Relova, Shannen

Rendon, Erick

Reyes, Gabriela

Rivamonte, Reianna

Rodriguez, Rosalie

Roeun, Kelly

Romero, Daisy

Ruiz, Enrique

Ruiz, Ianfranco

Ruiz, Natalie

Sanchez, Noemi

Sanchez, Viridiana

Sandoval, Gabrielle

Sandoval, Itzell

Santos, Isabella

Santos, Kimberly

Saucedo, Isaiah

Seja, Denae

Serna, Donna

Skillington, Seth Thomas

Soun, Brenda

Stolarz, Willow

Thongdynalay, Alina

Tiedemann, Beaukalani

Torres, Anahi

Torres, Oscar

Tran, Handy

Tran, Leslie

Ua, Malina

Vaisa, Kalani

Widmann, Jonah

Wright, Christina

Young, Annika

Young, Brett

Yuom, Aaryanna

Zapanta, Jana