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Girls Basketball

Date                              Opponent                      Site                         Level                        Time   


Nov. 20                         Downey ( Scrimmage)     Lakewood             FS/JV/Var                 3/430/5

Nov 28. -Dec.4                Downey Tour.                Downey                     Var                                   TBA

Nov 28. -Dec.3                Westminster Tour.          Westminster                JV                                   TBA

Dec.4 -6                         Katella Tour.                 Katella                      FS                                    TBA

Dec. 8-13                       Fountain Valley  Tour.   Fountain Valley          Var                      TBA

Dec. 10-13                     Marina Tour                 Marina                      JV                                   TBA

Dec. 17-20                     Gahr Tour.                    Gahr                           FS                      TBA

Dec. 26-30                     Downey Tour                 Downey                        JV                     TBA

Dec. 26-30                     Pacifica Tour                 Pacifica                      FS                                   TBA

Dec. 27-30                     Costa Mesa Tour.           Costa Mesa                 Var                      TBA

Jan. 10                         LBCC Showcase                        LBCC                      Var                                    TBA    

Jan. 17                         Lindahl Ext.                  Jordan                      Var                                   TBA




Jan. 5                            Millikan                         Millikan                         FS/JV                   3/4:30

Jan. 6                            Jordan                           LAKEWOOD                 FS/JV                   3/4:30

Jan. 7                            Millikan                         Lakewood                       Var                  5:00

Jan. 8                            Cabrillo                                    Lakewood                      JV ONLY             4:30

Jan. 9                            Jordan                           Jordan                            Var                  5:00     

Jan.12                           Compton                        Lakewood                      Var                  5:00

Jan. 15                          Wilson                          Lakewood                      FS/JV                   3/4:30

Jan.16                           Wilson                          Wilson                           Var                  5:00

Jan. 20                          Poly                              Poly                              FS/JV                   3/4:30           

Jan 21                           Cabrillo                                    Cabrillo                                    Var                   5:00

Jan. 22                          Compton                        Compton                        JV ONLY          3:00

Jan 23                           Poly                              Lakewood                       Var                  5:00

Jan. 26                          Millikan                         Lakewood                      FS/JV                   3/4:30

Jan. 27                          Jordan                           Jordan                           FS/JV                   3/4:30           

Jan 28                           Millikan                         Millikan                         Var                   5:00

Jan. 29                          Willson                         Wilson                          FS/JV                   3/4:30

Jan.30                           Jordan                           Lakewood                        Var                 5:00

Feb. 2                           Compton                        Compton                        Var                   5:00

Feb. 5                           Compton                        Lakewood                      JV ONLY             3:00

Feb. 6                           Wilson                          LAKEWOOD                 Var                   5:00

Feb. 10*                                    Cabrillo                                    Lakewood                      Var                     5:00

Feb. 11                          Cabrillo                                    Cabrillo                                    JV ONLY          4:30

Feb. 12                          Poly                              Poly                              Var                   5:00

Feb. 13                          Poly                              Lakewood                      FS/JV                   3/4:30


* Senior Night