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Office Contacts

Kunkle, Damon
Maliwat, Gerard
3130 - Counselor
Williams, Donald
Assistant Principal

One World Club

One World Club

Helping those beyond technology needs

The One World Club participated at a recent We Day conference in Oakland, California.  Not only did they attend, but were honored due to their ongoing philanthropy.  Follow the link below to discover more about the conference.

We Day 2014

Technology News

STEM eduction resources

While ATM prepares students for the Information Technology career sector, the program still follows a STEM course matrix.

Follow this link to a good article comparing scientific and engineering practices: link

These STEM education key points are the basis for how we want ATM students to think through problems.

Welcome to ATM

ATM's Vision: A literate nation not only reads; it computes, investigates and innovates.

image from Microsoft blog (

Informatics - A Science Revolution

The ATM Program has embraced the changing technical landscape by moving toward a study of Informatics.  Informatics is the science you've never heard of, but it is the driving force behind how much of the world works.  Informatics makes sense of the data, information, and technology that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Informatics studies the representation, processing, and communication of information in natural and engineered systems. It has computational, cognitive and social aspects. The central notion is the transformation of information - whether by computation or communication, whether by organisms or artifacts.

Understanding informational phenomena - such as computation, cognition, and communication - enables technological advances. In turn, technological progress prompts scientific inquiry. The science of information and the engineering of information systems develop hand-in-hand. Informatics is the emerging discipline that combines the two.

In its attempts to account for phenomena, science progresses by defining, developing, criticising and refining new concepts. Informatics is developing its own fundamental concepts of communication, knowledge, data, interaction and information, and relating them to such phenomena as computation, thought, and language.

Informatics has many aspects, and encompasses a number of existing academic disciplines - Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Each takes part of Informatics as its natural domain: in broad terms, Cognitive Science concerns the study of natural systems; Computer Science concerns the analysis of computation, and design of computing systems; Artificial Intelligence plays a connecting role, designing systems which emulate those found in nature. Informatics also informs and is informed by other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Electronics, Biology, Linguistics and Psychology. Thus Informatics provides a link between disciplines with their own methodologies and perspectives, bringing together a common scientific paradigm, common engineering methods and a pervasive stimulus from technological development and practical application. 

Preparing for the Future

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 10.07.14 AM.png

Lead Teacher

Saucedo, Jessica

Computer Science

ATM has expanded from an engineering program to include computer science.  To better prepare students for future careers, ATM has updated its courses to include: hardware, programming, electronics and social media classes.  

Read more about this on the ATM Program Overview page.

Who is it ATM For?

It's a small learning community in a traditional high school setting, preparing students for careers in information technology.  ATM is an accelerated program, with hands on projects and deep technical analysis to develop career skills.  All students will need to know how to utilize technology, but this program is really for those looking to be information technology creators, fixers, and analyzers.

ATM students will be prepared to make an impact in any career field they choose.  Whether they are building or maintaining computer systems, doing mechanical programming, coding video games, creating social media content, analyzing data or just interpreting information . . . students will be ready to tackle the ins-and-outs of information technology as it continues to shrink the globe.

Technical Literacy

The ATM program is aligned to the International Technology Education Association standards with technical studies covering: communication, information, bio-medical, agricultural, manufacturing, transportation, construction, energy and power.




ATM's New Focus

Many of these catogories are part of the ATM program, but the biggest new piece is in Data Analytics 

Please follow the link below to explore IT opportunities and read how these industries are in high demand!


Read the article here